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Break dancing 7-8 pm
Salsa 7-8 pm
Reggaeton for women 8-10 pm
Salsa 9-10 pm
Ballroom class 8-9 pm
Salsa 9-10 pm
Swing 7:30-11 pm
Salsa 7-8 pm
Break dancing 7:30-8:30 pm
Triple Step Studio Swing 7:45-10:45 pm
Swing 6:30-11:30 pm
Contact Information
Break dancing: Donnie Burns (818) 605-4153
Salsa: Alfredo Piceno (770) 899-2166
Reggeaton: Victoria Orellana (347) 609-5662
Ballroom: Alex Spencer (646) 338-4770
Swing: Alan Anicella (404) 771-2648-Pat Corn (404) 202-0104
Triple Step Studio: Kati Johnson (404) 502-2309

Class Description

Volga Dance Academy: The Dance Studio in Atlanta

Welcome to Volga Dance Academy, the pinnacle of ballroom dancing in the heart of Georgia. Recognized as one of the best dance studios in Atlanta, we offer a diverse range of ballroom dancing programs tailored to meet the aspirations of every dancer, from beginners to professionals.

Dancesport – Competitive Ballroom Dance Program

At our esteemed Atlanta dance studio, we take pride in our specialized competitive ballroom training program. Catering to kids, teens, and adults, our DanceSport program is designed to elevate your dancing skills to new heights. Students delve deep into the technical aspects of ballroom dancing, complemented by rigorous strength and endurance exercises. Whether you’re dancing with one of our expert ballroom teachers in Atlanta or partnering with a fellow student, you’ll be equipped with the skills and confidence to compete on local, national, or even international stages.

Dance Lessons Near Doraville GA & Beyond

Conveniently located for residents seeking dance lessons near Doraville GA, dance classes near Norcross GA, or even dance near Embry Hills GA, Volga Dance Academy is your go-to destination. Our proximity to these locations ensures that passionate dancers from all over the region can easily access top-tier ballroom instruction.

Social Ballroom Dance Classes in Atlanta

For those looking to immerse themselves in the world of dance without the competitive edge, our social ballroom dance classes are the perfect fit. Our professional instructors, renowned as some of the best ballroom teachers in Atlanta, impart the basics of partner dancing in a vibrant and uplifting environment. Every aspect, from balance and steps to musicality and posture, is emphasized from day one. These ballroom dance classes in Atlanta not only serve as a stepping stone towards competitive dancing but also act as a significant confidence booster.

Group Ballroom Dance Classes

If you’re keen on learning in a group setting, our group ballroom dance classes near Atlanta offer a collaborative and fun learning environment. Engage with fellow dance enthusiasts and learn from each other’s experiences as you sway to the rhythm.

Join the Dance Revolution at Volga Dance Academy

At Volga Dance Academy, we’re more than just a dance school. We’re a thriving community of dance enthusiasts, eager to share the joy and passion of dance with you. Whether you’re scouting for the best dance studios in Atlanta or seeking specialized ballroom dance classes in Atlanta, our doors are always open. Dive into the mesmerizing world of ballroom dancing and let your passion take flight!


$45.00 for 2 Private lessons. Please complete the “Contact Us” form to inquire about scheduling the Intro Package.


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