Class Description

Volga Dance Academy is well known for our variety of dance courses for kids, teens, and adults, but did you know that we offer so much more? We offer local art classes for kids,educational classes for kids, and even more for teens and adults. Everyone has the ability to creatively express themselves. Check out the all the ways that we can help your child or you develop creative expression right here in the Metro Atlanta Area! 
Do you have a magnificent Michelangelo or budding Bach in your home? Let them hone their talents with us! We offer art classes for kids that include painting classes for kids and drawing classes for kids. Lots of places offer art classes in Atlanta, but we do things differently. We pride ourselves on providing personalized one-on-one instructional opportunities in our children’s art classes. Our drawing classes for children could lead to a lifelong love for art and potential scholarship oportunities in the future.Your child will learn the fundamentals of art and develop their artistic skills by engaging in the creative process from planning to creation. Emerging artists will be introduced to a variety of mixed media to encourage creativity and self-expression in an environment where students receive individual attention. You could sign up for any painting classes in Georgia, or sketching classes in Atlanta, but our commitment to growth makes all the difference! Choose from any of our drawing and painting classes for kids to see that difference first hand.

Are you needing a little more flexibility with your time? Check out our weekend art classes for kids and painting workshops for kids. Science shows kids in art class and kids making art develop their right brain and communication skills better than those who aren’t exposed to art. Art and expression is simply vital for child development! We highly recommend that you join us for on of our childrens art classes today! 

Are you looking for something more than children’s art programs? Maybe your child could benefit from our Volga Child Development Center! Here at our child development center we provide quality classes in ballroom dancing, ballet, Russian language, mental arithmetic, music, hip hop dancing, indoor soccer, art and crafts, boxing, and so much more! At Volga, we give children the skills they need to become champions in whatever they choose to put their hard work into. 

Speaking of champions, let’s talk about what we are most known for. Volga is known for producing many Dance World Champions and has won many titles in the prestigious DanceSport Championships. If you are looking for highly qualified dance instructors for your child, teen, or even yourself, we are the ones to look toward! We have a brand new state of the art dance studio and event space. This paired with our highly qualified dance instructors make for a winning combination. 

When you choose Volga, you become part of our family. Whether you are coming for art opportunities in Atlanta, developing dance skills, or honing one of the many skills we teach at the Volga Child Development Center, we welcome you. We know that our commitment to growing success will be one of the most worthwhile investments that you make. Please, come join us soon!