Class Description

We sometimes get surprised when our kids keep mentioning, “I want to learn boxing.” Luckily you do have to look at them in confusion anymore. Children can now get boxing classes at a school that has been offering competitive art programs in Atlanta. 

Volga Dance Academy is a premier school in teaching DanceSport skills to kids, teenagers, and adults. The Volga Child Development Center (VCDC) has become a venue of boxing for beginners catering to kids and teenagers as they learn to box. It is a unique school established by Katrina Volgina, a ballroom dancer, coach, and choreographer passionate about health and fitness. Volgina began her dancing at 5 under instructor Alexander Volgin who turned her into a professional dancer the same way boxing for kids with raise professionals.

Who is the boxing classes trainer?

Kids interested in Youth boxing will be trained by Max Polischuk, a regional champion in the United States and Ukraine. Polischuk and school administration will develop new skills for children of all ages from seven years upwards. Winning a regional championship is a sign of expertise by Polischuk, and his exceptional strategy is essential for boxing classes for teens.
The junior boxing training incorporates all the aspects that apply in amateur and professional bouts. In addition, Polischuk boxing lessons for beginners teach the following essentials of boxing.

Strength: Incorporating strength in boxing fitness classes makes bones, joints, and muscles stronger for quality workouts.

Coordination: Kid participation in boxing training workout will learn to coordinate hands, eyes, and feet movement. They learn the fast simultaneous movement of the head and upper body without much effort.

Endurance: Boxing classes Atlanta will train children to box optimally for extended periods, including the last rounds. Endurance training also improves the cardiovascular system to increase oxygen intake.

Speed: Youth boxing training teaches kids to throw fast, unpredictable and powerful punches while still young. Speed punching creates an advantage of landing punches that opponents do not anticipate.

Self-confidence: A self-confidence that trainers instill during boxing atlanta ga for kids makes them push their limits beyond their usual ability.

Discipline: Discipline is necessary for boxers to stay focused throughout a fight and win. Kids boxing atlanta ga imparts discipline not just for the sport but in other aspects of life moulding them to well-rounded persons.

Those of us in Atlanta who have been wondering the best places to learn boxing for children can now enroll them at Volga Dance Academy for training by a regional champion. The lessons are not a reserve of boys. There are also boxing lessons for girls of seven years upwards. Classes are open to kids and adults of all levels and are designed to teach and experience the fundamentals of boxing, fitness, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-defense. Join us for the Ultimate Boxing experience.