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Class Description

Boxing Classes in Atlanta: The Ultimate Experience at Volga Child Academy

We sometimes get surprised when our kids keep mentioning, “I want to learn boxing.” Luckily you do have to look at them in confusion anymore. Children can now get boxing classes at a school that has been offering competitive art programs in Atlanta.


Why Choose Volga Dance Academy for Boxing Lessons?

When our children express their desire to learn boxing, we often wonder where to turn. Volga Dance Academy has made that decision easier.

The academy, under the guidance of Katrina Volgina, a passionate ballroom dancer, coach, and choreographer, has expanded its offerings to include boxing lessons for kids and teenagers. The Volga Child Development Center (VCDC) is now a hub for boxing training classes tailored for beginners.


Meet the Expert: Max Polischuk

The boxing coaching at Volga Dance Academy is spearheaded by Max Polischuk, a regional champion both in the United States and Ukraine. With such accolades, Polischuk brings a wealth of experience to the boxing training sessions.

His championship-winning strategies are now available to kids and teenagers eager to embark on their youth boxing journey.


What Can You Expect from Boxing Training Classes?

Strength: The boxing lessons at our boxing studio emphasize building strength. This ensures that bones, joints, and muscles are fortified for rigorous workouts.


Coordination: During boxing training, kids learn to synchronize their hands, eyes, and feet. This coordination allows for swift movements of the head and upper body.

Endurance: Our boxing classes in Atlanta are designed to train students to box efficiently for prolonged periods. This not only prepares them for the later rounds but also enhances their cardiovascular health.

Speed: Youth boxing at Volga Dance Academy teaches kids the art of speed punching, giving them an edge in landing unexpected blows.

Self-confidence: Confidence is a cornerstone of our boxing coaching. We believe in pushing our students beyond their perceived limits.

Discipline: Discipline is paramount in boxing. Our boxing training classes instill this trait, ensuring focus during bouts and molding well-rounded individuals.


Boxing Lessons for All

Volga Dance Academy’s boxing lessons are not just for boys. Girls aged seven and above can also benefit from our comprehensive boxing training. Our classes cater to all skill levels, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to seasoned boxers, can refine their techniques and strategies.

For those in Atlanta seeking the pinnacle of boxing classes in Atlanta, Volga Dance Academy is the place to be. With a regional champion at the helm and a curriculum that emphasizes the fundamentals of boxing, fitness, self-confidence, discipline, and self-defense, you’re guaranteed an unparalleled boxing experience.

Join us and immerse yourself in the world of boxing!