This Dance Academy Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made and entered as of the date first signed in the Member Enrollment (the “Effective Date”) by and among Volga Dance Sport, Inc. d/b/a Volga Child Development Center, a Georgia corporation (the "Volga"), and the Member identified in the Member Enrollment (the "Member"). Volga operates a premier academy for kids, teens, and adults (the “Academy”) to learn the competitive art of DanceSport. The Member desires to enroll their child or children (the “Enrolled Child”) into the Academy, and Volga accepts their enrollment upon the terms and conditions set forth below. The parties agree as follows:

  1. Dance Season. The Academy season consists of 37 weeks. November, December, June, and July have been figured into the schedule and require full Tuition payment. Tuition paid for months outside of the 37-week season will be credited towards the cost of any Volga-held camps or other activities held at Volga’s Studio. The Academy follows Dekalb County Schools schedule regarding inclement weather closings at the Studio.
  2. Volga Services.
    a. Dance Instruction. Tuition includes access to group classes and use of the Studio for practice. Volga retains sole discretion in the scheduling of classes.
    b. Private Lessons. Members are encouraged to purchase private lessons from our Academy instructors. Tuition does not cover the cost of private lessons. All private lessons are charged based on the hourly rates of Academy instructors. Rates will increase periodically.
    c. Competitions. Enrolled Children will be invited to participate in various competitions. Members will incur additional fees, including registration, event, and coaching fees, to have their Enrolled Child participate in such competitions. Coaching fees include a daily stipend for Volga instructors traveling to competitions with the Enrolled Child. Members will remain solely responsible for all travel expenses for their Enrolled Child, including airfare, lodging, and food.
    d. Workshops & Camps. Volga has partnered with other dance academies and studios worldwide to provide additional training and instruction opportunities to its dancers. Many of these workshops and camps are by invitation only, and the Enrolled Child is not guaranteed a place in any affiliated workshop or camp. Tuition does not include the cost of these additional opportunities. Members will remain solely responsible for all travel expenses for their Enrolled Child, including airfare, lodging, and food.
  3. All the foregoing in this Section are collectively referred to as “Services” throughout this Agreement.

  4. Tuition; fees.
    a. Registration Fee. The Non-refundable Registration Fee is due upon registration. Additionally, the first month’s full Tuition is due at that time.
    b. Tuition. Tuition is due on the 1st and late after the 5th of each month. Volga will charge a $50.00 late fee on the 6th for unpaid tuition. Tuition is due whether Volga is open for business during holiday months or inclement weather. Monthly Tuition is non-refundable. Volga will not pro-rate or refund Tuition for absences. Tuition will not change for school closures, inclement weather days, or emergency closings. Volga will attempt to provide additional classes in the event of inclement weather or unexpected closings. Additional classes are not guaranteed.
    c. Out-of-Pocket Expenses. In addition to Tuition, the Member will, at the direction of Volga, pay directly or reimburse Volga for Out-of-Pocket Expenses (as defined below). For purposes of this Agreement, the term "Out-of-Pocket Expenses" means the reasonable amounts incurred by Volga and its personnel for the purchase of products and services from unaffiliated third parties delivered to the Member or the Enrolled Child, including, without limitation, (i) dance gear, apparel, and other clothing, (ii) food and drinks; and (iii) all other reasonable expenses incurred by Volga and its personnel in rendering the Services. All direct payments and reimbursements for Out-of-Pocket Expenses will be made promptly upon or as soon as practicable after the presentation by Volga to the Member of a statement in reasonable detail in addition to that.
    d. The Member acknowledges they are liable for all Tuition and other fees. Other family members may help make payments, but the signee is responsible for the entire account.
  5. Term. The term of this Agreement (the "Term") will continue until terminated by either the Member or Volga upon thirty (30) days advance written notice. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, no termination of this Agreement will affect the Member's duty to pay any fees accrued or reimburse any cost or expense incurred under the terms of this Agreement before the effective date of that termination.
  6. Termination for Cause. Notwithstanding Section 4 above, Volga may terminate this Agreement immediately if the Member or the Enrolled Child engages in any of the following:
    a. Violation of any written or known Volga or Academy policies or rules.
    b. Failure to pay Tuition when due.
    c. Harming or threatening to harm other members, students, dance instructors, or property belonging to others.
    d. Soliciting other students and members to quit the Academy, suspend lessons, or take lessons with competitive studios.
    e. Fighting or threatening violence at the Studio or any Volga-affiliated events, wherever located, including workshops, camps, performances, and competitions.
    f. Engaging in any conduct that Volga deems disruptive to its ability to provide quality instruction or maintain the safety of its other members and students.
    g. Repeated failure to attend classes or participate in performances and competitions.

  7. Withdrawals & Refunds. Member understands that withdrawing their Enrolled Child from the Academy requires thirty (30) days advance written notice before the next month's tuition due date. Otherwise, the following month's Tuition is due in full. Volga does not offer Tuition refunds or discounts for missed or dropped classes.
  8. Dance Partners. Volga does not guarantee a dance partner to any Enrolled Child. Volga will attempt to match dance partners based on fit, experience level, commitment, and various other factors. Volga retains sole discretion to determine whether dance partners are an appropriate match.
  9. Dress Code. DanceSport requires proper attire for a dance class and competition setting. In addition to regular monthly tuition, the Member will incur costs for proper dance attire and shoes. Member understands and acknowledges that they remain responsible for purchasing performance costumes and appropriate dance shoes and clothing for dance practice and competitions. A separate Latin and Standard outfit is required. Volga reserves the right to ask students to observe and not participate in any class if improperly attired. Required dress code information can be learned from any Volga instructor.
  10. Parent Viewing. Parents are not allowed in the ballroom once classes begin. Parents aren’t permitted to sit inside the ballroom while classes are in progress to allow the entire class to focus on Volga’s instructors. Parents, however, can attend rounds and take photos and videos of their Enrolled Child at that time.
  11. Photos & Videography. Volga has permission to use any photos or videos of Member or the Enrolled Child taken at performances, competitions, in class, or other activities affiliated with Volga on its websites and social media. For the security of the children in the room and the privacy of our syllabi, parents are not allowed to film classes or take photos of other children in the class without permission from a Volga instructor.
  12. Physical Contact. Member understands that DanceSport requires physical contact, and Volga’s instructors will engage in physical contact with their Enrolled Child as appropriate for teaching and instruction, including for purposes of correcting posture and body positioning and introducing various dance techniques. Member consents to such physical contact with their Enrolled Child.
  13. Liability Waiver.
    a. Risk of Injury. Member acknowledges that their Enrolled Child can participate in dance and physical-related activities safely. Member understands and acknowledges that there is a risk of injury inherent in dance activities and that personal injury or property damage may result during participation in dance and related activities. By signing this Agreement, Member permits the Enrolled Child to perform dance and stunt-related activities at any locations controlled by or affiliated with Volga.
    b. Assumption of Risk. Member assumes all risks associated with their Enrolled Child’s participation in dance instruction, rehearsal, performances, competitions, and related services. Member releases Volga, its officers, staff, owners, agents, and dance (collectively, “Agents”) instructors of all injury, medical bills, property damage, and loss of personal items occurring in or around the Studio or any functions held at other locations in connection with Volga, such as competitions, camps, and workshops.
    c. Disabilities. Member identified any disabilities in the Member Enrollment. Member verifies that their family doctor approves the Enrolled Child’s participation in any Services despite such disabilities or medical conditions.
    d. Indemnification. Member and their Enrolled Child agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Volga and its Agents from any claims resulting from injuries, including death, damages, and losses sustained by Member or their Enrolled Child that arise out of, in connection with, or are in any way associated with Volga’s Services.
  14. Right of Refusal of Service. Volga reserves the right to request the withdrawal of an Enrolled Child from Volga at any point. Volga reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Volga reserves the right to ask a parent to remove themselves from any Studio premises at any time.
  15. Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability.
    a. Disclaimer. Volga makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the Services to be provided hereunder.
    b. Limitation of Liability. Neither Volga nor any of its officers, directors, managers, stockholders, dance instructors, employees, agents, and representatives (each a "Related Party" and, collectively, the "Related Parties") will be liable to the Member or any Enrolled Child for any loss, liability, damage, or expense arising out of or in connection with the performance of any Services contemplated by this Agreement unless such loss, liability, damage, or expense is proven to result directly from the willful misconduct of such person. In no event will Volga or any of its Related Parties be liable to the Member or any Enrolled Child for special, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages, even if Volga has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Under no circumstances will the liability of Volga and its Related Parties exceed, in the aggregate, the Tuition paid to Volga hereunder.
  16. Notices. All notices and other communications required or permitted under this Agreement must be in writing and must be sent to the Party at that Party's address set forth below and or at whatever other address the Party specifies in writing: To Volga: 3855 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia, 30340; and to Member, as outlined in the Member Enrollment. All notices are deemed delivered on the date postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service or on the date of personal receipt, whichever occurs sooner.
  17. Forum Selection; Disputes. Georgia law applies to this Agreement without regard to any choice-of-law rules that might direct the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement will be brought in the courts of Fulton County, Georgia, or the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, and the parties consent to the jurisdiction of such courts. If a Party commences any action against the other Party regarding the enforcement or interpretation of this Agreement, then the prevailing party will be entitled to an award of its litigation costs, including attorneys' fees.
  18. Definitions:
    a. “Enrolled Child” means the child or children identified in the Member Enrollment and enrolled by the Member into the Academy.
    b. “Non-refundable Registration Fee” means the registration fee identified in the Member Enrollment.
    c. “SportDance” means competitive ballroom dance.
    d. “Studio” means the premises located at 3855 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia, 30340.
    e. “Tuition” means the monthly tuition identified in the Member Enrollment.

  19. Miscellaneous. This Agreement constitutes the sole agreement of the parties concerning its subject matter. It supersedes any prior written or oral agreements or communications between the parties. It may not be modified except in writing, signed by the parties. This Agreement binds and inures to the benefit of the parties and their respective heirs, personal representatives, and successors, and Volga may freely assign this Agreement or any rights or obligations under it without Member's prior consent. Member’s obligations under this Agreement, which by the terms extend beyond the termination date, will survive the termination date. Unless the context requires otherwise, "including" means "including but not limited to." The Member Enrollment filled out by the Member in conjunction with this Agreement is incorporated as part of this Agreement by reference. If any part of this Agreement is, for any reason, held to be unenforceable, the rest of it remains fully enforceable. The parties acknowledge that they have read this Agreement and executed it voluntarily and knowingly. This Agreement may be signed in counterparts, each considered an original, but all constitute the same instrument.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Dance Academy Agreement on the Effective Date.


Volga Dance Sport, Inc.

By: Ekaterina Volgina

Ekaterina Volgina | CEO


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