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Kids After School Classes

Volga Dance Center: The Premier Destination for Kids After School Classes in Atlanta

 In the heart of Atlanta, the Volga Dance Center stands as a testament to the belief that learning transcends the school bell. We are the go-to hub for kids after school activities in Atlanta, offering a diverse range of programs tailored to various age groups and interests.


Why Choose Our Kids After School Programs in Atlanta?

 Holistic Development: Our kids after school activities in Atlanta are meticulously crafted to nurture not just the mind but also the physical and artistic faculties of every child.

 Diverse Offerings: Specializing in ballroom dancing, we ensure that every child gets a taste of this elegant art form, making us a standout in extracurricular activities for kids in Atlanta.

 Expert Instructors: Our team, based right here in Atlanta, consists of seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring every child’s growth and development.


Our Program Offerings:

 Mommy and Me Toddler Ballroom Classes: For those searching for toddler classes near Atlanta, look no further. Our classes, designed for 1-2 year olds, are a blend of movement, music, and play, fostering an early love for dance and learning.

 Kids After School Ballroom Classes: As leaders in kids after school programs in Atlanta, our ballroom classes are a testament to our commitment to quality. Children delve deep into the world of ballroom dancing, enhancing their expression, coordination, and confidence.

 Teen Classes in Atlanta: Catering specifically to teenagers, we offer specialized training in both ballroom dancing and boxing, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

 Extracurricular Activities: Beyond our regular offerings, we host a myriad of extracurricular activities for kids in Atlanta. This includes workshops, summer camps, and special events, ensuring the learning never stops.


Benefits of Our After School Activities:

 Engaging in our programs, especially ballroom dancing, offers numerous advantages:

 Skill Development: From dance steps to rhythm, children continuously hone new skills.

 Social Interaction: Our classes provide an environment for kids to interact, fostering friendships and social skills.

 Physical Fitness: Dance ensures kids remain active and healthy.

 Boosted Confidence: As children master new techniques, their self-confidence soars.


 Join the Volga Dance Center Experience!

 At the Volga Dance Center, every child is unique. Our programs, especially our kids after school classes in Atlanta, are designed to recognize and nurture this individuality. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of education, fun, and growth in Atlanta, you’ve found your destination. Join us and let your child’s potential shine!