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Class Description

Those who are looking for Russian classes for kids in Atlanta have a great opportunity with Volga Child Development Center. Volga Child Development Center cares for children of all ages. VCDC not only teaches ballroom dance and hip hop dance classes for children, but also Russian classes for kids in Atlanta. We offer beginner to advanced level Russian classes for kids of all ages to help improve their writing and reading skills, increase vocabulary and develop communication skills. In addition, we offer Russian Literature classes where students study and explore the work of the most influential Russian writers and poets.


Russian classes in Atlanta area are held at the dance studio or online via zoom. Katrina Volgina is the owner of Volga Dance Academy and is a native of Russia. Katrina has had experience dancing in Russia for 20 years. Olesya Babenko teaches the Russian classes for kids in Atlanta at the studio, along with others who teach dance, yoga, soccer, or art classes. Russian classes for kids are a rare find, and learning with VCDC would be a great experience. For those looking for Russian langauage and Russian literature classes for kids in Atlanta, these classes are fun and allow children to learn more of the Russian culture and literature. Children will enjoy taking Russian classes in Atlanta and can sign up on the website here. https://www.volgadanceacademy.com/registration
Volga Dance Academy also has summer camps available this year with a couple different scheduling options for kids. For those looking for a bit of culture for their children, consider Russian classes in Atlanta with VCDC.