Class Description

Volga Dance Academy is one of the premier dance studios in Atlanta, and we have worked with many couples over the years, bringing their dreams of their perfect wedding day to life. We offer couples dance lessons Atlanta for dancers of all skill levels. If you are wondering where to dance in Atlanta, Volga Dance Academy is the one of the highest-rated dance studios in Georgia. Book your lessons today.
If you ask most people what they remember most about weddings they’ve attended, most people forget about the style of invitations or the color-coordinated napkins. What they do remember is the sentimental moments, like the bride’s walk down the aisle, the reciting of the vows, and of course, the first dance. Taking dance lessons in Atlanta is an excellent way to plan a memorable moment that neither you or your guests will forget. Plan the Formal Dances

The formal dances are the ones where all eyes will be on you, so it pays to start planning and practicing those first. The bride and groom dance is the one that most couples focus on first, choosing a song that has sentimental meaning to the couple, yet is easy to dance to. Sign up for ballroom dancing Atlanta lessons and learn graceful dances that will be touching and dramatic. Your dance choreographer can work with you privately to teach you a dance so beautiful it will leave all of your guests in tears. 

There are four traditional dances that most people incorporate in their wedding reception. These include the couple’s first dance, the mother-son dance, the father-daughter dance and the anniversary dance. Most couples arrange private dance lessons for the wedding for the first three. The anniversary dance involves the guests in attendance, so those are typically not practiced in advance.

The traditional dances also vary by culture, with Jewish, Indian and African weddings incorporating their own special dances during the reception. Your personal dance instructor can help with these as well.  

If you are planning a father-daughter dance or a mother son dance, you will need to coordinate with everyone involved. It pays to book early because it can be a challenge to coordinate everyone’s schedule and arrange for all of the parties to practice together before the event. These dances are especially sentimental, and will be the highlight of your wedding video.  

Start early to make sure there is ample time to practice your dance. Ideally, you should book your class with your partner, but if necessary, your instructor can work with you both individually. Things will start to get hectic as the wedding date approaches, and wedding dance classes can fill up quickly, especially during the spring, summer and fall seasons. 

Group Dances

Some couples love to make an entrance, and they coordinate choreographed dances with their bridal party that get the whole crowd excited. There have been tons of viral videos showing the most fun and elaborate group dance entrances, so pick one that you love and start dancing. 

Bring your entire bridal party along and plan a dramatic entrance. You may want to choreograph a bridesmaid dance or one just for the groomsmen. A swing dance is fun and unexpected, and is definitely a departure from the cookie-cutter wedding entrances that are popular now. Your dance teacher can offer swing dancing Atlanta lessons that will get everyone excited about the couple’s entrance. 

Want to get everyone on the dance floor? Go for popular line dance songs like Cotton Eye Joe, The Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Thriller, Achy Breaky Heart and Conga to get everyone moving and shaking. Your dance schools in Atlanta can help you learn all of the steps to these dances so you can lead your guests.  

Planning the Song List

Your wedding songs should be meaningful, perhaps with touching lyrics that mean something to you as a couple. When you go for wedding dance lessons in Atlanta, you will be listening to the same song over and over during practice, so make sure it is one that you love. There are some first dance songs that are classic, and are both sentimental and nostalgic. For the father daughter dance, perhaps there is a song that he used to sing when she was young. The mother son dance can be a song that celebrates moms. If your guests can sing along, it will be even more memorable for everyone. 

At Volga Dance Academy, we strive to ensure that creating your first wedding dance is an easy and memorable experience. Using your perfect song, we will work together to choreograph and perfect your first dance for your big day.